PARC Study - Built Environment Working Group

Dr Geraint Ellis is a senior lecturer in the School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering and chairs the Built Environment Working Group. 

Using Geographic Information System (GIS) data, this group has developed a walkability index for areas along the CCG route. This is created using elements such as residential density, land use mix, intersection density and retail floor area ratio. This group has also worked on improving the walkability index by developing a Real Walkable Network based on a detailed pedestrian network leading to better understanding as to why people use certain footpaths and walkways. The study will assess how walkability will change due to the CCG. In addition, the model will be validated using information on physical activity levels from the Household Survey.

Mick DonnellyMick Donnelly is a Research Assistant working on the PARC Study. Mick graduated with a degree in Geography in 2004 and in Environmental Planning 2007. He has previously worked as a town planner/surveyor in a consultancy environment. His main area of work has been in developing the GIS based model to measure and monitor changes in the built environment as a result of the CCG.