A Greenway in Colour - 52weeks of plants growing along the Greenway.

When we started writing the What’s Growing… blog we, the Paul Hogarth Company, had just finished designing then supervising the construction of the Greenway’s landscape and were keen to share some detail about this new part of the City with the people who live near and use this great community resource during its first year.

Our first concern was if there’d be enough interesting plants to do 52 weekly articles, and we then wondered how we would get good images each week which would do justice to the plants along the Greenway. Not to mention of course if anyone would care!

During the last year it quickly became apparent that we need not have worried as almost immediately we were supplied with the most amazing images of plants from our talented Greenway users, as well as requests for information, plant identification queries and we found ourselves in conversations about views and preferences regarding the overall Greenway landscape itself.

Our Favourite Moments

While it is very difficult to choose a favourite moment or plant from the last year, being sent an image of an albino bluebell from Cregagh Glen and an orchid from Victoria Park were certainly highlights.

So many of the images themselves were of such high quality that felt it necessary to display photographic exhibitions where we got the chance to meet with many of the Greenway users and photographers to talk face to face about their developing interests in photography, plants and the new and developing landscape on your doorstep.

This has provided us with valuable insights into how our design work and landscapes in general are viewed by the public and we are so appreciative of those who routinely took photos, posted online and called in to the exhibitions to share their views and stories with us.

What’s Next….

As Winston Churchill once said “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”.

Connswater Community Greenway is a living project bigger than any one individual or organisation and we hope that this last year will have planted the seed (sorry for one last pun!) in many of your minds regarding the landscape and how it can facilitate your interests in education, sport, horticulture and photography etc. We hope to have a final exhibition and some other exciting plans are in the pipeline so watch this space and keep on sharing your views and experiences of What’s Growing on the Greenway.